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The tender meat-between-bread combo is always a hit. At Dunk Burgerz, we’ve dexterously attempted to keep this love for burgers alive and bring the best flavours to the palate. It all begins with procuring organic and fresh protein from the best local vendors. Paired with technique, passion, and a wealth of experience, our speciality is making bold and memorable smash burgers in Luton.

At Dunk Burgerz, our mission is to provide the highest-quality, best-halal burgers in Luton. Our versatile menu features 100% certified halal beef smash burgers and caters to both red and white meat lovers. Here, our incredibly meaty signature Prime Aberdeen Angus beef-21 Day Aged burger deserves a special mention for winning the hearts of the Luton community.

smash burger - Dunk Burgerz

Just Eat

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Our friendly staff is ready to serve you in our basketball-themed café, located at 3 Upper George St, Luton, or you can enjoy the best smash burger while sitting on your lounge sofa and ordering it through food apps like Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

deliveroo - dunk burgerz
just eat - dunk burgerz
Smash Burger - Dunk Burgerz

Craving a Juicy Burger?

Dunk Burgerz is where you can have it all: the best-sourced ingredients, natural & steroid/hormone-free meats, custom blends, fresh buns, and devouring smash burger patties. We only provide smash burgers that are halal-certified and ethically sourced in Luton. We offer generous portions of delectable food at reasonable prices and work hard to make customers feel at home. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to dunk into some tasty burger affair.


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